Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Stuff Happening Around Here!

Many of you have seen my digital packages available over at Charming Cozy Creations (above) only a few of you have seen all this fun stuff in the flesh or in the paper.

For those of you who may find the cutting and set up of all this fun stuff to be too much to tackle for a party. I have just started offering printed packages. Yep you heard will get a box delivered to your door with all kinds of goodies ready for your party. 

Seeing how this is very new (as in started yesterday) I am still working out some details and getting money shots of what I have prepared. But as always offer full proof approval before I build any packages. Discounted packages are available as well as a la carte options for those of you who just need one or two items.

I am working on my daughter's birthday for next weekend and here are a few samples of what I have put together for her so far. This entire package was designed with her sitting next to me. Everything from the colors to the font style is all her idea. I think she has a great eye! 

Stay tuned for more pictures as the party gets closer.

As always if you have any questions drop me a email. 

I love working on custom projects too!

These will eventually be wrapped around bottles of water...guess I need to hit up Costco!

Megan and I are still debating what type of ribbon to use on her banner....she has suggested we attach them to a string of lights...that sounds super cute!

Any one who has suggestions on how to get better photos of paper products let me know...I could use the advice! 

See you next time! 

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  1. def LOVING the cupcake wrappers!!! def a nice touch


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