Monday, August 22, 2011

Rodney White Inspired DIY Artwork

Confession...I have a closet full of Ballard Design and Pottery Barn catalogs. 

Sadly I have rarely purchased anything that I drool over. 

But...I use these catalogs for inspiration for my own projects in our home as I am sure most every other budget home decorator does. 

I have been in love with Rodney Whites Seek Happiness print found in many Ballard Design catalogs. I did a google search for more of his work to see what was out there...I came across this print that would fit our kitchen.

 I love the messages in his work and the style is right up my ally! I decided to give my own painting a go. 

I think anyone can do this type of art work if you break it down into easy steps.

Step 1: Draw out basic shapes. Paint in shapes

Step 2: Add shading where needed and print out wording.

 Step 3: Tape wording how you want it placed on canvas

Step 4: Using a charcoal sketching pencil or good ole #2 pencil color on out line of printed text on the back of the page. Trace outline onto painted canvas using a ball point pen.

Step 5:  Fill in text with small paint brush

Optional Step 6: Apply a wash of light brown or white over entire image to give a aged feel to the painting.

Ta Daaaahhh....not to bad for a evening of playing with paint. I used some satin ribbon to cover the exposed staples on this canvas since I used a cheap one I had already.  I am happy with it and it looks great over my stove in the kitchen.  Can't beat free artwork anyway.

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  1. It looks fantastic! I have that print in my dining room (just posted a pic of it on my blog if you're interested), but I absolutely love your version. You did an amazing job. I wish I was that creative and talented.

  2. That turned out super! Love the saying and the colors. It would take me more than a day to do something like that! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I've always been attracted to this kind of art and when I see it, I like you want to recreate it myself, but I have yet to do so, you have given me wings to try.

  4. looks amazing-great tutorial-I'm your newest follower!!

  5. I love the look of Rodney White's art. We have the one with the motorcycle and I'd love more. I've wondered about attempting it myself. You did an amazing job on this piece!!! I'm VERY impressed. Thanks for all the tips and how-to's!

  6. I love Rodney White! I have been wanting to hack some, thanks for inspiring me!


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