Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My New Chalkboard!

In a effort to be more organized I bit the chalkboard bullet and made myself one! 

I'm in love with it and use it all the time. I have it on the wall going into my kitchen so we pas by it all day long. I keep my weekly schedule and the ever growing shopping list on it. 

Here is a quick picture to do. All of this is pretty self explanatory. Hit me up if you have questions! BTW this project cost me all of $2.99! I had the paint and just got the frame at Goodwill on a random trip several months ago. 

I love the frame! Such pretty detail!

Left over green paint from our old condo kitchen.

I used leftover stain from my kitchen cabinet redo that I posted about over at The Reluctant Blogger

A few light coats of chalk board spray paint.

The finished product in all its glory!

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